Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Grâces

" Qu’ on vienne en procession ici à Cotignac pour recevoir les dons que je veux y répandre "

Brothers of St John

Les frères de la communauté Saint Jean

We, the brothers of the Saint John Community, are happy to welcome you at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces. Our community was founded by Brother Marie-Dominique Philippe. Our spirituality is based on the writings of the apostle John who unifies the contemplative and apostolic dimension of our life. The aim of our apostolate is to open the intelligence and heart to genuine human and Christian wisdom. We have animated this Sanctuary since 1981 at the request of the Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, Mgr. Barthe, (RIP+).

As well as Mass, daily, we have two prolonged times of silent prayer and sing Divine Office two times a day. We converse with pilgrims, hear confessions. In the light of the mystery of the Holy Family we animate pilgrimages, retreats and sessions.

We are happy to receive prayer petitions which we will recommend to Mary, our Mother, and you can also request Masses to your intentions. Write or ask at the shop. Have a good pilgrimage !

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